Typecast… so to speak

March 14th 2017

I don’t want to be typecast as an author. I know, I know. First, I’m getting too far ahead of myself as I haven’t even received a yes from a literary agent yet and second, typecast is a term used for actors and actresses. However, I do feel the term fits in this scenario.

I don’t want to be stuck in one genre or forever stuck promoting one book/series. I’ve noticed as I browse the aisles at Barnes N Noble that most authors stick to what they know. I have to wonder why they stick to what they know. Is it because that’s what got them published? Is it because they truly love that category and it’s all they want to write about? Or do they feel if they branch out, they’ll be unsuccessful in those other ventures?

You see, I love writing science fiction AND fantasy AND young adult AND romance. I don’t want to have a “big break” in young adult and then feel like that’s all I’ll write. The same can be said for the other remaining three categories I love writing in. But so many authors out there only write in one category. For example, Veronica Roth has the very successful Divergent series which is young adult. Her latest book, Carve the Mark, is young adult. I assume she loves writing young adult. Why else would she stay in young adult? But it is possible she wants to try her hand at another category and just stays in the “tried and true” young adult. Young adult is what she’s known for, after all.

Then there’s Marissa Meyers and the Lunar Chronicles. The last book in that series, Winter, was published November 10th 2015. Although she did publish a novel about the evil Levana’s upbringing (she’s the villain in the Lunar Chronicles). This book was published February 2nd 2016. Okay so there are two points I’m going to make with these two facts. One is that Marissa Meyer, in 2017, is still promoting the Lunar Chronicles despite the fact that it has been almost two years since the last book. And two, why did she write Levana’s story? Did she stay with the “tried and true” that made her famous and wealthy? The Lunar Chronicles was a completed series, why add to it? Couldn’t she branch out into something new instead of going back to something old?

I’ll have to point out Veronica Roth did the same exact thing. She wrote Four after the Divergent series had been completed.  Why? The story was closed; it ended. Why continue on? I know the fans revel in the additional information, glad that the story has continued on, even if it’s a prequel. But that’s because the fans don’t want it to end. However, the story has to end. I feel like the authors are afraid to let go of the goose that lays golden eggs, so to say. It brought them so much success and their fan base is just itching for more. Why chance starting a new project from the ground up in a world that is unfamiliar with new characters when there are people who are yearning for more from a completed series?

I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to write what I want to write. I don’t want to have push-back and resistance from an agent, from the publishers, asking me “Why don’t you stay with what’s successful?” Because. I want to write science fiction AND fantasy AND young adult AND romance. I want fans in all places, of all ages; I want fans who read my romance stories and have no freakin’ clue about my young adult stories. I want fans who read my young adult stories and have no freakin’ clue about my science fiction stories. I want fans who read my science fiction stories and have no freakin’ clue about my fantasy stories. I want fans that don’t even know about each other because they don’t read the same books of mine. That’s what I want. I don’t want to feel stuck in a category. Even if that means I won’t be as successful as Veronica Roth or Marissa Meyer. I never want to feel trapped in my writing.

Please note I am not claiming Veronica Roth or Marissa Meyer feel any of what I’ve written about. I’ve just used them as my examples because they perfectly showed what I want to avoid. I actually believe they love what they write; I don’t think they feel trapped in the slightest. I think they feel extremely blessed to be writing stories they love and are able to make a good living off of it. They get to do what they love and they get paid to do it. They’re truly blessed.

Anyway, these arguments I made are all pointless if I never get published. I am now up to nine official rejections. It’s been two and a half weeks since I sent out the requests. I suspect a lot of them won’t give official rejections; usually their websites say “if you haven’t heard from us in 4 weeks, we have passed.” So technically I have one and a half more weeks to go before I reach a bunch more rejections. Yay~

On that note… thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave any comments. And lastly, I hope you enjoy your day! Sincerely,



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