Unreliable Writer

I am unreliable as a writer.

Okay so firstly, I have unfortunately received all rejections for my queries. I will say one woman wrote a nice rejection. It was personalized, not your standard “I have no time to write a rejection so here’s a form rejection.” She stated “You have effectively captured the nature of your story” which to me was a really big flippin’ win. That’s the hardest part about writing a query. So it was bittersweet because she was all like “I don’t love it, it’s not for me” but nice that she acknowledged it was a decent query letter.

Anyway, I am an unreliable writer. Why, you might ask?

I started a new novel. First of all, let me state that the young adult novel I’m querying about isn’t even finished! Recant. Book 1 is finished. But there are 3 books total. Book 2 is more than halfway. I’d say it’s about 75% completed. But then I have Book 3 to complete. So yes, Book 1 is completed. I could have Books 2 and 3 completed by the end of the year if ONLY I SAT DOWN AND WROTE IT.

I also have a romance novel I’ve been writing since… February? That’s about 50% complete. I don’t have any plans for this one to be part of a series so once it’s done, it’s done. It’d probably take me half a month to finish the rest of the story, taking into account having to work, wanting a social life, etc. So really all I need to do is SIT DOWN AND WRITE IT. Are you catching on to the theme here?

Last night I started writing a third novel. It’s another young adult one. I got inspired by a dream I had over the weekend so the idea has been bopping around in my mind these past couple of days. Also, NaNoWriMo has Camp in July where you set a goal and try to meet it. It’s kind of like NaNoWriMo in November except instead of the goal being “Write 50,000 words in a month” you can change your goal to be “Write 30 minutes a day for July” or “Write 1,000 words a day for the month of July” etc. I’m gonna try to write the whole novel by July because I’m unoriginal that way. 😛

So to recap: I have 3 stories all in pending mode. I have always been like this. I feel bad asking friends and family to read my material because realistically, I don’t know when I’ll finish the books. I procrastinate because I don’t have any real deadline. It’s not like I am a published author with a literary agent, editor and publishing company being like “We need your first draft by September 1st!” Because if there were, I’d get it done! But I don’t have a deadline, so I procrastinate.

I’m like: Oh let me start this story! It sounds super interesting! Then two years later I only have 10 chapters written. Goodness.  I’m the worst. But I feel like writers, in general, have this problem because inspiration comes from everywhere. You could be nose deep in writing 70,000 words out of an anticipated 80,000 word book and BAM! you hear a new song on the radio that inspires a completely different story with different characters in a different world. Now you can’t get that new idea out of your head so you gotta put those remaining 10,000 words on hold until you get the new idea out of your system. I mean COME ON! ;P

Anyway, I’m in a weird place at the moment. Super depressed my queries got rejected (I was so sure of myself). But super excited to start writing this new story. Also excited because I signed up for a webinar with one of the literary agents I’m hoping to take me on. I’ve entered into a few writing competitions, hoping to win some awards to put on my query letters. Basically I’m still trying to take the right steps towards getting published. Wish me luck, guys! Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!



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