Status Update

Status update on my challenge! The whole “complete a book by the end of July” challenge.

First off, I’d like to elaborate a little more about this whole situation. About a week ago I signed up to attend a webinar hosted by a literary agent. Cost me USD$90 for a 90 minute session about selling a young adult novel in 2017. I’m curious about it and I’m hopeful it’ll give me insight on things I don’t already know about. The hook that got me to buy the webinar was the part where we can send in our query letters and first five sample pages for her to critique. Obviously every one of us who is participating is hoping she’ll read our sample pages and request the full manuscript. But even if she doesn’t, at least we’ll have insider critique on our query letters.

My deadline to submit the query letter and sample pages is July 27th. I want my novel mostly finished by then. I started writing it on June 21st and right now it’s at about 14,500 words. I need it to be around 65,000-85,000 to be considered a young adult novel. My aim is 70,000 words. So I’ve got about 55,500 more words to go.

She states it’ll take her about 60 days for her to critique the queries and we should expect to have them back by September 27th the latest. That gives me buffer to complete the novel, proofread it, make necessary changes, etc. I’ll definitely need this buffer because I’m going on family vacation July 2nd to the 10th, I work a full time job and I spend the weekends with my fiancé. My writing time is limited. But I’m determined to make this work.

Sunday I wrote about 4,000-5,000 words which is good. I calculated I need to write about 3,000 words a day to hit 80,000 in 27 days. But since my goal is 70,000 words I only need 24 days but really what’s a 3 day difference in real world time? Not a lot!

Two of my friends have read the query and first chapter. They both really like it and gave great feedback. That’s very rare for both of them. Usually they forget about it or they read it and never get back to me or just didn’t feel it and didn’t want to talk to me about it. So for them to so readily reply to the email and have positive feedback while also trying not to insult me for all the other stories I wrote gives me hope I’m on the right track.

We’ll see. I still have to write the damn book. And the young adult genre is saturated with potential authors. I hope to set myself a part from the crowd but that’s hard to do. 😦 It’s crazy because I feel like you have the biggest potential to become a published author if you write young adult but it’s also super hard to get into. Whatever. Right now I’m just happy and excited to continue my challenge. I’ll be so pumped if I finish my book in the expected deadline. I’ve never done that before. I’ll definitely go out for celebratory drinks afterwards. Ha ha. 🙂 As always thank you guys for reading and the support!



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