So Close To The End!

I am at 64,000 words out of 70,000 words!  The novel is almost complete both plot wise and word wise. It’s amazing how on the nose I got it. Originally when I started out this adventure I was thinking You’ve got to get the story at 80,000 words for it to be a proper length. However shortly after I began writing the story, I dropped my goal to 70,000 because something about the novel told me it wouldn’t meet the 80,000 or if it did, it would be a lot of pointless filler stuff just to get to 80,000 words. So it’s cool and a little strange how spot on I was considering I only had a few thousand words written when I made the change.

I am so excited! I can’t wait to A. finish the novel and B. print it out to start editing. 🙂 There’s something in the way of holding your actual manuscript to edit pen to paper instead of editing on the computer. You really get to see the depth of your creation. I’ve only printed out a story of mine once. The sense of pride and wonderment that overcame me was addicting. Ha ha. It was awesome to see it in print even if it wasn’t going anywhere. I’m hoping this time it’ll be different and this story does go somewhere.

In other news, I have until the 27th to edit my query and submit it to the agent. At the moment, the biggest thing I’m struggling with are the comp titles. I haven’t read a lot of young adult books recently and the ones I have are 1. not really comparable to the story I’ve written and 2. I really did not like them. Also, my story doesn’t have a happy ending; my heroine fails at the end of the novel. Which at the moment, I’m debating if it qualifies as a young adult book if it doesn’t have the matter resolved by the end of it. I know romance novels by definition require a happy ending, but do young adult books? I’m doing some research and I’ll find out soon enough.  I’ll be screwed if they do require it. Ha ha.

Anyway, the comps are really hard for me. I could compare them to titles I didn’t read but that’s a bit of a gamble. It may also be my only option. I suppose at this point, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?

I’ll figure it out. This query is a critique anyway, so even if I miss the ball, the literary agent will give me some pointers.

I want to take this time to brag a little bit. 😛 I started this adventure on June 21st and by July 27th I’ll have written 70,000 words. I was also able to take a week off of writing for vacation and still complete the novel on time! That is amazing. I never knew I had the drive in me to write an entire novel within the span of a month. I mean honestly. I wrote 70,000 words in one flipping month. I was able to accomplish this while still working 40 hours a week, taking weekends off to spend time with my fiancé, and taking time to socialize with family and friends.

Some of you readers may have done that multiple times but I never have. This is my very first time accomplishing such a feat. I’m proud of myself. It’s like that first time you reach 100 pages and you’re astounded you were able to accomplish something so monumental. That’s how I feel right now. I wrote a freakin’ novel within one month. Go me! I rock! I feel like I’m on top of the world! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got to start working now. I’ve been sitting at my desk for over an hour, kind of going through my emails, but more writing and reading this blog post. I can’t wait to go home and hopefully finish the novel tonight!! I do have a facial appointment tonight so I might take tonight off from writing. So if I don’t finish the novel tonight, definitely tomorrow!!!

Thank you guys for the support and for stopping by. You’re amazing!



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