First Round Edit

I started editing my YA fantasy novel Nefarious Wednesday night. Thursday night I surpassed the halfway point on the manuscript. At the moment, I’m loving the story. Which, in a way, is a little worrisome for me. I had a story I wrote called The Secret. At the beginning of this year, I printed out the manuscript and edited it. I edited it a lot. Originally the story was around 122,000 words and after my edit, it came to around 119,000 words. Now 3,000 words doesn’t seem like a lot but I had taken out a lot of unnecessary comments but also added a lot of explanations in areas that were confusing to the reader. So I took out more than 3,000 words but the stuff I added in balanced out what I had removed. Get it? Cool. 😛

Anyway, I’ve read through half my manuscript for Nefarious and I’ve barely made any changes. Which worries me when maybe it shouldn’t? It worries me because I know my story isn’t perfect but as I’m reading it I don’t see anything wrong. Just a few explanations here and a few word swaps there. I’m thinking I need some perspective!

As the author, you inherently know everything about your characters and their worlds. That makes it hard to edit the story because when you’re reading the scene, you get it. You get why your characters are doing what they’re doing, you get why they say the things they’re saying, you just get it. However, readers may not. I’m trying really hard to read my story objectively but it’s not easy. So I guess my plan of action is to read it through once just to make sure it flows well and makes relative sense/ the ending feels like it has closure and then I’ll ask my dad or girlfriends to read it. The slight problem with that is I feel like I’m on a deadline to have this manuscript ready by September 27th on the off chance the literary agent reads my query critique, really likes it and requests the manuscript. I don’t think my dad or my friends will be able to adhere to such a strict timeline.

Ultimately, I suppose the deadline doesn’t really matter. I guess even if she requests the manuscript, I could reply back with a polite “Thank you for your interest. I am currently re-editing my manuscript and will email you the revised manuscript by September 31st” or something similar along those lines. I read her tumblr posts where we can ask questions and she has answered questions from people asking how to respond to an inquiry if you’re in the process of editing.  So like I said, ultimately the deadline doesn’t really matter. I’m just uptight. 😛

Anyway, I’m seriously loving Nefarious so far. It has a strong female protagonist (sorry all my male readers out there! :P) and it takes place in a world called the Kingdom of Agamore. You know what? I’ll just add my query critique for y’all to read. >_<

Nefarious was a human living among demons. Literally.

Since the dawn of time humans and demons have coexisted, participating in a tug of war for power in the Kingdom of Agamore. Nefarious was stolen from her mother when she was just a baby and raised by the infamous demon General Razole. Razole had intended to use Nefarious as meat for her Hell Hounds but had a better idea. She believed she could use Nefarious as an example to show everyone in Agamore just how easily humans could be manipulated into bending to the will of demons. So Razole raised Nefarious as one of her own, anointing her the name Nefarious in hopes she would become as wicked as the definition itself.

As soon as she could crawl, Nefarious was thrown into an intense regiment befitting of a warrior. She was taught to maim, to break, to harm and even to kill. But she refused to bend to the will of General Razole. She would not become the example Razole intended her to be. Humans were not weak. Her mere existence proved that. At sixteen years old, she could hold her own among some of Razole’s top Lieutenants.

One morning after battle, the demons were rounding up the prisoners of war to bring back to their headquarters. Nefarious instantly recognized one of them. Seventeen year old Prince Kymore stood out amongst his soldiers. So after the humans had been locked up in their cells, Nefarious snuck in to help Prince Kymore escape. She couldn’t let the only heir to the Human Kingdom rot and die in a demon cell. Much to her dismay, he confessed to purposely getting caught. He had an unprepared plan of eliminating the enemy from within.  

Against her better judgment, she agrees to help him. On one condition: their plan could not be destroy the enemy but to unify the two sides. It was a tall order she was serving but she saw no other way. The war needed to end. For everyone’s sake.

Neither Nefarious nor Kymore was sure how they were going to accomplish such a feat, but both were determined to see it through to the very bitter end. Even if it killed them. 

It’s my first time reading the manuscript in full since finishing the story. As of right now, it flows really well and I personally think the characters are flushed out well. Although most of the story centers on just Nefarious. There are interactions with other characters but never a lot of one on one time with a specific character. I wonder if that will annoy readers? I like it but I’m also the writer so… again! I need perspective! Ha ha.

Well, I better get to work (I’m always updating while I’m supposed to be working). It’s Friday! Thank goodness. Hopefully work treats me well today. I’m going out for some Vietnamese food with my fiancé and then we’re watching Game of Thrones since we haven’t seen the second episode yet. Goodness gracious.

As always thank you for reading and the support! Love you guys! ❤



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